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Bugatti Veyron v1.1
by nfsu360
The world's first community created custom car modification
for Need for Speed Carbon a Bugatti Veyron. This mod was
created using NFS:Carbon ModTools v1.0 by nfsu360.

Before installation please read the Readme.txt file.
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Date added: 21. Aug 2010 17:26
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Gumpert Apollo Sport 2009
by Gamer boy
2009 Gumpert Apollo Sport.

This car is Converted from "NFS Shift (XBOX360 EXOTIC DLC)".

Can be custumize with:

>Bodykits (5 Livries)
>Body Paint (Stock Kit only)
>Rim paint
>AutoSculpt (Game not Crash)

1. Unzip all files and just Run Setup.exe and Select NFS Carbon Main Directory.

EA - model and textures
Oleg - Zmodeler 1 and 2.
nfsu360 - NFS ...

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