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Date added: 7. Aug 2003 13:08
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Ferrari Mythos Concept
by The_Newmanator
Sorry people, had to update it cause raptor15 wasnt credited for the dash....
thanks to Raptor15 for letting me use his dash view, Spirit for putting it in-game, and TwizTid for doing the normals!
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Date added: 18. Nov 2003 15:42
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Ford Mustang GT Concept
by The_Newmanator
after a long time, i finally finished it with twiztid and skb's help, couldnt have done it without you guys!
for stuff, read the readme please.....and dont forget to knock the mirrors off
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Date added: 10. Aug 2003 18:36
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Hyundai Tiburon
by The_Newmanator
its here!! v2 of my tiburon!! im not gonna say much except download it and enjoy!!
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Date added: 7. Aug 2003 13:03
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Koenig Ferrari Testarossa
by The_Newmanator
v2: gold wheels and wider tires
please replace the old one with this
the newmanator
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Date added: 15. Nov 2003 16:43
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Nissan 300zx
by The_Newmanator
This is Newmanator's excellent 300zx converted to HP2.

realistic mesh
realistic damage
7 colors.
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Date added: 7. Aug 2003 13:11
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Nissan 300zx
by The_Newmanator
Its here! TwizTid finally finished it up for me
there is no dash yet though, i still need to adjust it a bit....when i finish it, ill upload a V2....
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Date added: 7. Nov 2003 22:46
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Nissan 300ZX AB Flug
by The_Newmanator
Nissan 300ZX AB Flug By The_Newmanator Ft. TwIzTiD

Car: Nissan 300ZX AB Flug
Author: The_Newmanator Ft. TwIzTiD
Website: [link]

Polygons: 7168
High Poly Patch: YES
Serial Number: 7


Driver Movements: NO
Driver: NO
Interior: YES
Damage: YES
VidWall: NO
Dash: YES
Engine Sounds: NO
High Poly Car Patch Needed: YES
Moving Spoiler: NO

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Date added: 10. Aug 2003 18:40
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Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo
by The_Newmanator
-arelli assassyn wheels scratch made by me
-Scare tuning's front bumper
-Kremit's rear spoiler
-base car by RK
-black headlight covers
-blue headlights
-changed driver
-convertible t-roof
please enjoy my car, and please dont mess with my wheels as they are scratch made and very special to me......... ...
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Date added: 17. Feb 2004 17:23
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RUF R-Turbo (996)
by The_Newmanator
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Date added: 7. Aug 2003 13:05
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Toyota Supra MKIII
by The_Newmanator
Its a supra....its built by me.....what more is there to say?
lol.....BIG thanks to TwizTid, for doing normals, putting it in-game, and testing it many times
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Date added: 10. Aug 2003 18:34
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Volvo 480 Cabrio
by The_Newmanator
Thanks to for putting it in-game for me, and taking the pics
see the readme for features and stuff!