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Re: NFSPS - every drift car tested

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2008, 12:37
by Striker94
TheStig wrote:I got several cars for drift and also tested several cars, at the moment I have a E46 M3 and a 06 Mustang. the mustang has all lvl4 powerparts and the rest lvl3 (exept it runs on stock tires, was dragking car before) the M3 is full lvl3
In the normal runs I could beat the competition with relative ease, I managed to beat them and in most cases get the laprecord.
But now I am invited to the Driftking races, I already got into problems in the first series, I simply didn't manage to get it right anymore and got hardly 2500 point.
The second half of the raceday where better and I managed to get the last 3 races in first place with a not very disapointing score.
But the the second raceday came, and I simply can't even come close to the scores of the opponents. in early races I managed to get decent scores, but it looks like even though it doesn't feel I am getting worse my scores are getting worse.

Any suggestions, for instance other cars to choose or something. I love the way my M3 and Stang look but he... looks don't win races....

Okay, I know that that post was old, but I've figured out something for drift...

Use lighter, lower powered japanese tuners(eg. RX-8, RX-7, AE86, Silvia etc.) for really twisty courses with sharp bends, like an instant 90 degree turn. The low power provides minimal drift counter-weight-transfer, and therfore, by simply letting go of the accelerator, you can change directions quickly while maintaining some decent speed.

Use Muscle cars, (eg. Camaro, Chevelle, Mustang, Corvette, M3 (great car!) etc.) for faster tracks with nice, gentle bends. 1. The faster car produces more speed, which equals gentler turn in, more points, and the ability to hold a drift for longer. 2. Rear-Wheel drive cars CAN NOT accept sharp turns. Try it, it'll lose grip, somehow understeer, and slam into the first wall.

EVERYBODY hates the Tokyo dockyards. DO NOT ATTEMPT IN A MUSCLE! your best bet is in a stock mazda, or, to play it safe, a all-stage 2 Corolla.

OK, and MY favourite drift cars are the 350Z and the RX-7

All right, i hope that helps! 8)

Re: NFSPS - every drift car tested

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2010, 03:14
by bloodhound293
the rx-7 is crap but i never had any car better than the dodge challenger