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Re: [NFS PS]Aerodynamics and performance tuning

Postby peterfaj » 06 Apr 2008, 19:27

baumaxx1 wrote:...they want to get around a track as fast as possible...
That's exactly what downforce prevents me from doing.
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Re: [NFS PS]Aerodynamics and performance tuning

Postby Striker94 » 07 Apr 2008, 01:05

then, as baumaxx said before, EA must have really messed up the physics/aerodynamics for Prostreet. Widebody creates downforce, which essentially makes the car heavier during corners. Example-The car weighs 1200kg, including the widebody. During, lets say an 100km/h 1g turn, the downforce created by the wing+widebody would make an extra (guess) 100kgs of 'added' weight.

And it doesn't have to be a turn. All good sports car, especially supercars, have an aerodynamic body kit which creates downforce at high speed, as to give more stability. Example-Koenigsegg CCX, apparently, this car would actually be able to take off (as in fly) as top speed-around 380km/h. BUT, the bodykit creates downforce, which keeps it stable and on the ground.

If that was too complicated, here's the basics-bodykit=downforce. bodykit+wing=more downforce. Widebody=lots of downforce. Widebody+wing=maximum downforce.

That's my take on this matter. If i'm incorrect, feel free to say so!
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