Dragging with a Charger

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Dragging with a Charger

Postby bluesguyjon » 12 Apr 2009, 06:10

Having some (minor) problems with my Charger. I usually get in the mid-upper 6s (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kuMBALbvsw). The planets were aligned for me and I actually got the Stage 4 parts for it pretty quickly (after doing the same drag races for about a couple days, heh). I will admit to using unlockallthings for some of my other cars' Stage 4 parts though.

Anyway, the problem I have is it will track a straight line about 1 out of every 100 times. Every other time it veers to the left and a lot of times does what you saw in the video, which can't be good for times. Any advice would be helpful.
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Re: Dragging with a Charger

Postby jeffareid » 13 Apr 2009, 06:01

The problem is the Charger is doing a wheelie until near the end, where it drops the front end and turns left. Try using a stage 2 suspension. Here's a video of a stage 3 part Charger with stage 2 suspension, doing a 6.53 1/4 mile run:


update - I upgraded to stage 4 (but left suspension at stage 2) and made another video, 6.18 run:


youtube version:

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