ps3 665 663 camaro

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ps3 665 663 camaro

Postby don15041984 » 23 Oct 2009, 22:49

get a camaro old skool, put all stage 4 parts on, twin eaton turbo is a must, leave brakes stock, and ur body must remain stock. update ur blue print now go to tuning put these in
suspension stock, stock, stock, stock, -8, -7, -10, +10, +10, +10,-10, +10,+10,-10,-10
engine +3, stock*, +10, +10, +10
drivertrain 4th+6, 5th+3, final+5

update your blueprint and put engine to stage 2 carillo, drivertrain to stage 2 clutchmaster, suspension to stock. update blueprint again then change turbo to stage 2 and alter start boost click it as far as it will go to the right then change to stage 4 again. this will put you half a click out, slowly put it right you'll see it goin to 9.5 this changes ur 665 662 to 665 663, update and save it runs on psn regaular porland 8.93 1st pass at 0-60mph 0.81sec, same 0-60 but 8.84 chicago ran it for an hour got 8.78. my mate hilton got 8.76 with it and 5.19 quarter.
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