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Prostreet walkthrough + king only save

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2012, 09:50
by rcgldr
I see about 100 downloads for this career mode walkthrough each month, and recently updated it, which is why I created this thread. The only real new discovery is that the 240SX is a pretty good drift car (with stock brakes, suspension, and tires, it slides very easily). I also included the cheat codes which can help with the early part of career mode when there isn't a lot of cash. The link is the same as before:

There's also a save file (the career_01/career_01 file) with all events done (including the 4 collectors edition race days) except for the king and Ryo race days, and with stage 4 cars already setup. Each king race day is only 3 events, and Ryo is 10 events, 5 in Nevada, 5 in Tokyo, so it doesn't take long to win all the king and Ryo events. The savefile is for version 1.0, but will work with version 1.1. It won't have the extender pack cars like the McLaren F1. Be sure to back up your existing career_01 file before using this version.