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PostPosted: 18 Feb 2006, 04:04
by Stereo
UG1 is the best version. I don't play MW or UG2... UG2 was a HUGE dissapointment... Too much of a boring career mode and dull game overall. MW was OK... The fact that when I finish a race with cops on my tail sucks, because I have to evade them... (And cops are fun)

UG1 was the best because career mode was fun, the blue theme goes the most with street racing, shiney cars :D, and a bunch of other reasons. It was so addicting. Then when UG2 came out, I made a BIG mistake to buy it for $40... UG1 was worth it. My MOMO wheel just fits with UG1. I've beaten it 3 times already cause it's so addicting. :D

Re: Comparing all NFS Games

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2013, 10:46
by Bernard
I voted for HP2, because it's my first NFS game. I also like the Underground series and the first Most Wanted.
Also, first NFS game with visual customization is a High Stakes.