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Comparing all NFS Games

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 07:05
by westwood3200
Ok please post here what are the features you are amazed for each NFS Game.

The NFS Games are:
- Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
- Need for Speed Underground 1
- Need for Speed Underground 2
- Need for Speed Most Wanted

Post the features and the highlights you are amazed and what you didn't like for each...
Ok? You are not obliged to post for each game....

Please vote the greatest game!!!

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 07:07
by westwood3200
Ok sample..

For NFS Most Wanted, the NFS game who removed front, rear and side bumpers but replaced them with Great Body Kits....

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 07:16
ok heres myne.
Hp2: One of the greatest nfs games ever, prob my fav, best graphics of its time, amazing unbeatble gameplay, awesome smart cops, did i say good grapcihs on ps2? lets see the car selection rocked, lots of them, most all good looking. O yea and the best soundtrack of them all, i still find my self humming, "we go we go, we goin down on it, they go they go they goin down on it..." (my fav song) did i mention it had awesome graphics?...
Nfsu: Really fun, i member when a friend got it and we just sat and played it for days, it is so fun in career, and multiplayer drag is soooooo cool, great shiny grapchis, cool custimizable cars (for the first time) and all around great.
Nfsu2: Great fun game, fun career especially, real deep, ok graphics way fun multi player, way awesome custimazation, great all around.
Nfsmw: Amazing game, stunning graphics, sweet gameplay, awesome sound, great soundtrack, harder cops (this is good) way fun game. There you go!

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 09:17
by Jmac-
NFSU because it was the most fun and the most influential in the series ..

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 10:28
by Tunerfreak
NFSU, I was just dying to have it when it was announced.

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 10:29
by Dragster
I remember how excited I was when I downloaded NFSU1 demo.. I think I played it 4 hours at NFSU1 for me :P

Re: Comparing all NFS Games

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 11:07
by GT3x24x7
westwood3200 wrote:The NFS Games are:
- Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
- Need for Speed Underground 1
- Need for Speed Underground 2
- Need for Speed Most Wanted

Err, shouldn't that be..
- NFS1: The Need For Speed
- NFS2: Need For Speed II
- NFS3: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
- NFS4: Need For Speed High Stakes
- NFS5: Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
- NFS6: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
- NFS7: Need For Speed Underground
- NFS8: Need For Speed Underground 2
- NFS9: Need For Speed Most Wanted

Not to mention the 'SE' versions of NFS1 and 2 and the various spinoff games like the two V-Rally's and MCO..

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 11:52
by westwood3200
Ok posting the real names of the NFS games, to make the thread more friendlier....

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 11:52
by westwood3200
Ok my second,

NFSU1: First NFS Game to feature Visual customization and vinyls!!! Real underground style!!!

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 12:09
by Tunerfreak
Dragster wrote:I remember how excited I was when I downloaded NFSU1 demo.. I think I played it 4 hours at NFSU1 for me :P

When I download mine (Painfully at 5kbps) I had to try make the most of it on a SIS chip :lol:

I had to download drivers to even get it to run without reflections in slowmotion, 256 colour, 800x600 reso and so on :roll:

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 13:52
by Fadeproof
westwood3200 wrote:Ok my second,

NFSU1: First NFS Game to feature Visual customization and vinyls!!! Real underground style!!!

you should try the edit button :wink:

NFS high stakes was really good for the graphics and police pursiuts (really good for its time), but thats not on the list.

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 14:12
by Fishwhiz
nfs hp2: the first nfs game i played, really, really fun and good graphics. i enjoyed that.
nfsu: when i first relized it had full customizastion i went: zomg i need to friken get this game! and it was grate, so i liked that one too.
nfs u2;: when i first saw this game i was like omg suvs, spinners, and hydralucs! all thse new features. i first played it, i riced my cars really badly, and i fugured out i dont need a 10 star rating for it to look cool. so there i learned a lesson about tuning
mw: my fav! icredible cop chases, i love the blacklist idea, and ithe fact you could immobilize cops vehicles. also, more challenging.

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 14:56
by GINIX_2007
NFS 2 SE because of the cars and the crazy speeds u could reach!!!

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 14:58
by NFS forever
nfsu best

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 16:57
by pussyblaster
the last but not least, definetly nfsMW for me! i love the pursuits and the challenge series

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2006, 00:14
by DarrenR21373
Porsche 2000 was my favourite (or Porsche Unleashed as it seems to have been called everywhere else but the UK) - best mix of tuning, damage and realism of handling IMHO.

HP2 - Just rubbish on the PC, quite frankly. However, car selection was much better than a lot of the subsequent games. Not quite sure why we got 3 cars exactly the same though: Lotus Elise, Vauxhall VX220 and Opel Speedster, but I wasn't complaining since they are all excellent IMHO.

NFSU1 - I was another that thought Wow, I've gotta have that game - it rocked. Sadly, it introduced the "Elastic" (read: cheating) AI system.

NFSU2 - NFSU1, but imporved a hell of a lot. Decent AI that didn't cheat! And better car list than NFSU1 (as it included the Corsa and Integra Type R (RSX), but unfortunately not at the same time :x )

MW - Oh dear. A big disappointment for me. Only 4 good things about it: Cops, daytime races, the Moanro VXR and Lotus Elise. AI back to being wank, tho.

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2006, 00:22
by Bull3t

Of course, it introduced us deeper into the tuning culture and now leaves us craving for more

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2006, 02:43
by GT3x24x7
DarrenR21373 wrote:HP2 - Just rubbish on the PC, quite frankly.

Yep, but the PS2 version was brilliant.

DarrenR21373 wrote:Not quite sure why we got 3 cars exactly the same though: Lotus Elise, Vauxhall VX220 and Opel Speedster

The Opel and Vauxhall are the same car with different badges, yes, but the Elise is a totally different car.

DarrenR21373 wrote:NFSU1 ... Sadly, it introduced the "Elastic" (read: cheating) AI system.

Catch up was present HP2 - you could turn it on and off in the menu. Not sure if it existed before then.

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2006, 00:23
by DarrenR21373
GT3x24x7 wrote:The Opel and Vauxhall are the same car with different badges, yes, but the Elise is a totally different car.

I beg to differ there, GT. The 2 GM cars were basically built by Lotus on the Elise chasis, just (to quote UK.Cars.Yahoo) "with a nicer engine". This was the main reason Vauxhall bought out the VX220 Turbo and VXR models - to make them stand out from the Elise by having much more power and performance. And, slightly off-topic, but what the hell, I have actually driven a VX220 at Goodwood, absolutely awesome car! Pity that I then lapped the circuit considerably quicker in a 2.2 litre Astra Coupe Bertone - I guess it was nearer to what I normally drive, steering was a bit too good and direct on the VX220! Which tends to indicate that the handling of the Elise in MW is pretty spot-on - well done EA!

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2006, 00:34
by GT3x24x7
Well there ya go, learn something every day! Someone should have told EA tho, since the Vauxhall/Opel and the Elise had very different ingame characteristics.

Nice work getting some circuit time in - sounds like an awesome day!

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2006, 18:02
by Link02
UG2 for me. Haven't had the chance to play MW.

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2006, 18:31
by mjdude23
NFSU2 is my favorite besides the new Most Wanted :lol:

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2006, 21:23
by master m
From those ^^ 4 options I chose NFSU-2. Because I haven't played the other games long enough to appreciate them. I only played MW for 2 week last year :oops:

PostPosted: 17 Feb 2006, 01:46
by Hecubus
Out of the four listed in the poll, I'm gonna have to go with HP2, as it was the last proper NFS game (having the Elise to drive, Rush on the sountrack, and that semi-Hawaii/Australia/other Pacific Ocean places track were all also strong points).

However, I still prefer Porsche Unleashed. The graphics are still pretty good, and it's the most fun to drive (and, although the limited variety of cars is mediocre, having a whole game devoted to Porsche is pretty cool).

I haven't played MW yet, although it looks pretty good (and I imagine I'll buy it when I buy a new computer). The Underground series has its high points, although I don't like the feeling that Paul Walker must've been involved somehow.

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2006, 03:56
by Morty
Since I'm lazy I'm just gonna post something I wrote about one year ago, and update it slightly... :P

Morty wrote:I guess most of you know my favourite, but I just can't say it too often...
NFS: Porsche Unleashed (or Porsche 2000 as it says on the cover).

Back in 2000, I had a really hard time controlling the 911s, no matter what I did, I spun out. Over and over again... So I didn't really like the game then (I'm a bad loser), but when I started again last year, I had more experience in computer car racing, so I finally managed to control them. And that's when I really started to see how good this game really is. Sure, it lacks a bit on graphics, but it's 5 years old.

The damage (both physical and visual) is great, and I really hope EA brings the damage back. And the handling... :shock: I read a test of the '73 911 Carrera 2.7 RS in a Norwegian car magazine a few months ago, where it was compared to the new Carrera RS. And what i read was simply amazing... The author of the article described the old RS exactly the way I felt the car in NFS... I should scan and translate it really, I can't explain it... :P

All I hope now is that NFS:MW will be in the same league as NFS:PU...

So, the other games then... This is gonna take a while... :P
I've been racing car games since 1992 (Lotus III), and the favourite has been NFS since 1996. I was only 12 years old, and only had a 486 computer back then, and couldn't play TNFS at home. So I visited a class mate a few days every week, just to play... And I sat for hours... Improving best times, crashing traffic cars, learning the tracks... It was a new world to me... One of the biggest classics out there...

NFS2:SE never really hit me like TNFS did, but I had a lot of fun with it. Can't remember having this game on my own computer either, so I went to other neighbors to play this. And we had fun. I struggled a bit more to win races, so I focused on other things. Like giving the AI "Crash" the opportunity to live by his nick name... And he did.. :P

NFS:HP was the first NFS to be played on the new computer at home. The cops from TNFS returned, and also being a cop wasn't too bad. I preferred to be the criminal tho (and the next year I was playing GTA). Unfortunately, I don't remember a lot from this game, because I played the next game a lot more, but I remember liking it... :)

NFS:HS (or NFS Road Challenge as my copy is called) is maybe the game I've played the most of all NFS games, even if it was a bit like NFS:U2. Like U2 is just a better version (in some ways) of NFS:U, NFS:HS was an enhanced NFS:HP, with some added/improved parts. So why did I play this so much? The modifications you could do... I added a LOT of cars and tracks to the game, and the poor game crashed every day. But I had a lot of fun. I still remember a bus, which could travel at speeds up to 2800 kph... Never got it higher, even the largest oval track I could find wasn't big enough. I spent 12 minutes on one lap in a tuned Lamborghini Diablo, and I drove over 1200 kph in 11 of those minutes... So the track was bigger than San Andreas... But with less details.. :P The bus (and a few of the other added cars) are still installed, but unfortunately, our old PC is not functioning well any longer...

NFS:PU, look above :P

NFS:HP2 was, for some reason, a little disappointing. The graphics aren't bad, but there's something about the game which is just boring... I can't really put my finger on it tho... But when I added a few cars (like the Skyline), it was a bit better. Main reason could be the fact that I didn't do too well on being a cop...

NFS:U was different, but still NFS... I loved it... It wasn't perfect, but because this was the first underground based game, I kinda just enjoyed what I got... This was the first game I played online, and even tho the online part could have been a lot better, I spent many hours getting my ass kicked... And I kicked a few myself...

NFS:U2 is maybe what NFS:U should have been. It's not a bad game, but as a sequel to NFS:U, I was expecting a bit more... We've been thru this over and over again, so I'm not gonna start that discussion again...

So, my ranking then...
1: Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed (Porsche 2000)
2: The Need For Speed
3: Need For Speed High Stakes (Road Challenge)
4: Need For Speed Underground
5: Need For Speed 2 Special Edition
6: Need For Speed Underground 2
7: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
8: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

So then everything that remains right now is NFS:MW. And it's not a bad game at all. It's a lot more challenging than NFS:U2 was, and I think it looks pretty good. I bought my computer, and all relevant hardware, in November 2002, and I can still play the game without any big problems, even tho I probably have to go lower on the graphic settings than most of you. Just like NFS:PU, this is a game where practice is needed. I've struggled a lot with evading pursuits, but I'm now slowly learning new techniques. And I have barely tried the online part yet (which seems better than the one in NFS:U, but it's still not perfect). But so far, it's not putting NFS:PU off the 1st spot. Cracked windshields is a start, but I would like more damage. And the visual options are too few, especially on the vinyl part. Only one layer? Should have been at least 3 imo. But it takes MW back to the roots, with racing out of the big cities and exotic cars.

So where do I put MW? For now, I'm gonna put it on 3rd, behind TNFS (which means I vote MW on the poll). :)