Weird findings in the game

2005 Need for Speed Most Wanted

Weird findings in the game

Postby ElvenAvenger » 31 Mar 2010, 20:08

Are there any funny exploits / glitches related to the first few races where you lose your M3?
What happens when you use a trainer to win that race against Razor?
and...What is your best % completion of that race before your car stopped? my best result is 86% :)
also did anyone notice how during cutscenes with actors there are unique cars in traffic, or tuned Porsche GT2 in cutscene after you lose your BMW and razor is bragging about it? and all sort of weird stuff like this?
And did any of you have a situation where opponents slingshot past you only to slow down from their current speed to 0 kmh/mph to let you pass?
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