Is it just me or is Vic's Supra > Evo ?

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Is it just me or is Vic's Supra > Evo ?

Postby nfsnewb » 31 Jul 2012, 21:23

Unfortunately I can't post pictures of the two cars' performance bars here, so I'll try my best to describe my problem.

So far, my evo has only won me two races, and that's the speed trap and one of the sprints in Blacklist #10. I don't know why, but my evo can barely win a race. Despite the fact that I've updated all parts of the car to the Pro version (Super Pro where available), the thing still has a few problems. And according to the top speed, acceleration, and handling bars, my Evo is supposed to be superior in every way.

So here are my problems with the Evo:

1. Its acceleration is crap, I can barely get 40 feet in front of my competitors in any race right off the line, if I can even get in front of them at all.

2. The speed is a huge problem, the car has trouble going faster than 90 mph, for some reason my character just won't shift up. When it does get above 90, my competitors will have either caught up (or gotten further in front of me). It loses a lot of speed during the turns and is prone to spinning out

3. The strangest thing though, is that the other racers often overtake me on the straightaways, not on the turns. So once again, there is a problem with top speed.

With Vic's Supra though, I don't have ANY of those issues.

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Re: Is it just me or is Vic's Supra > Evo ?

Postby Hydro_PT » 01 Aug 2012, 17:22

Change car. :mrgreen:
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