Razor, Darius, Sergant Cross

2005 Need for Speed Most Wanted

Razor, Darius, Sergant Cross

Postby mbm1101 » 04 Mar 2013, 10:39

Today i want to discuss about Razor, Darius, Cross.
Let us begin.
I play much nfs most wanted.
And the boss in mw is Razor.
The boss in carbon is darius.
The Most skilled police driver is sergant cross.
And when i begin to play carbon i se that i must to escape from Sergant cross.
But here is a thing in NFS Carbon that's Scare me.
While i enter a challenge in challenge series in NFS Carbon and Bounty becomes high.
I seing cross corvette chase me.
I destroy Cross in carbon (Trainer)
But after some time Cross Corvette chase me again.
Is Sergant Cross supernatural?
And another thing that scare me that cross give the player compliments. He is a Police Officer but he still gives the player compliments.
But here is what i want to discuss about.
What happend with Blacklist, Razor, Sergant after NFS Carbon?
I know that's a recer in NFS Shift With name Callahan Clarence.
And in Fairhaven (NFSMW 2012) it's a district with name Callahan Industrial.
So it should indicate a Razor that owns Factories in Callahan Industrial?
But what is Happened with Sergant Cross after NFS Carbon?
I have not played the most of NFS games after carbon. Only Hot Pursuit 2010 and Most Wanted 2012 and The Run.
But The run is not located in the same world as NFSMW, Carbon, Shift and etc.
So it's any hint about Sergant Cross after NFS Carbon?
And another thing that may indicate that Rockport City Still Exists.
A Easter Egg in MW 2012.
A sign can be seen in the E3 reveal trailer advertising loans from a company known as "New Rockport Loans in 1 Minute."
May Have a referance to Rockport City?
Please answer the most important questions. About Sergant, Callahan, Darius.
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Re: Razor, Darius, Sergant Cross

Postby Hydro_PT » 04 Mar 2013, 16:01

"I destroy Cross in carbon (Trainer)
But after some time Cross Corvette chase me again."

You do realize this is a game, right? Therefore, it is coded to work in a certain way. If you use third-party software to destroy Cross' car, do you really expect the game to never show his car again, even though it is programmed to do so? It's a game, it doesn't think...

Callahan Clarence in NFS SHIFT: simply a "joke" by the developers, a hint to previous NFS games. Happens all the time. The same with the Callahan Industrial zone in MW 2012, a mere reference to Most Wanted 2005.

Most probably, Razor is still in jail, Sergeant Cross is somewhere. There's no reason to think Rockport was destroyed, so the city surely exists. You have it in World, for instance.

EA was never really good at creating good stories, so there's no need to wonder what happens to this or that character. They appear in one game or two, and that's it.
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