Razor Blacklist Challenge Bug/Glitch

2005 Need for Speed Most Wanted

Razor Blacklist Challenge Bug/Glitch

Postby ILOVECARZ95 » 02 May 2015, 12:28

Hey again everyone,

I am playing Most wanted (2005) again and have ONCE AGAIN run into the bug of not being able to challenge Razor it has not got the defeated sign but I have passed all of the races and milestone/bounty challenges.

This happened a few year ago but I think I solved it with a different crack version 1.2 or 1.4 but there is no patch for 1.2 or 1.4 and also no cracks to download and the only copy I have of the game is on Ps2.

So could someone give me a trainer that will open the challenge (Not Gnagna's Trainers They are for the most part shizzle)

or even give me the hex offsets to challenge a boss.

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Re: Razor Blacklist Challenge Bug/Glitch

Postby TheRacer32 » 23 Jun 2015, 12:15

Hello :^o

Run in free room to Razor's Races Star

Bad english, sorry :(
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