Stuck on stage 3...

2004 Need for Speed Underground 2

Stuck on stage 3...

Postby c0dypwns » 30 Jul 2011, 18:54

ok so i am 116.67% complete on stage 3 but i have no races left on my world map. i own a supra and escalade so i finished all the suv races but still nothing has happened. I've been doing a lot of hidden races and outruns but that doesnt seem to be doing anything.. maybe its a glitch? not sure. someone help.
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Re: Stuck on stage 3...

Postby Oliver Oresic » 13 Aug 2011, 13:26

If I remember well, there is some menu for playing hidden race events on map which you don't see but you can find them while driving around the city? I nkow I could play again some hidden and not hidden events in some list in menu
Oliver Oresic
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Turbo Charged
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Re: Stuck on stage 3...

Postby Smiaw » 28 Sep 2012, 14:07

An oldman on the road again ....this time around with a WinHex :

I once had this similar problem. Someone told me to improve my VR --- I couldn't.
Then someone told me to use Mega --- the first and only Editor.
It worked then. After adding in a body part, my VR went up.
One or two photo sessions followed, and other races appeared.

That was many years ago.
Now I intend to be on the road again with my WinHex, so I tested on the old Mega.
OMG, it is *not* working now. Some kind of invalid "S" or "5" error.
I really don't know why or what happened.
However you can still add something to your saved game using Parts-Modifier.
It is quite similar to Profiler Creator (or FormatC) that only works while you create your profile.
By the way, this excellent Parts-Modifier goes one step beyond the popular profile creator FormatC.
However I still won't call it an Editor (like Mega) until it supplies the "Re-locking" feature.
I tested with WinHex --- it is not that troublesome to relock what is unlocked.

...... Moving on with my old Toyota Corolla.
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