a few questions..

2004 Need for Speed Underground 2

a few questions..

Postby Deigima » 12 Dec 2011, 07:53

okay, just got a few questions about nfsu2. i read the faq and it didnt answer my questions so im posting here.

first- unique item events, if you dont do them and leave them, do they disapear? i dont want to use them on my early car.. would much prefer if i could get them on say.. skyline or supra or something.
second- after completing the game, do the outrun races run out, like in other stages of the game?

third- ive read some stuff that vaguely suggests that you can get unique parts on any car after finnishing game, is that true, and how does it work?

forth- ive been trying to find the best drag car for a years.. if you think by statistics, the skyline would be best- 4wd, 6cl. but it doesnt seem all that super. ive tried the supra gto and mustang aswell, theyre not as great as i expected either.

and finally- what drive is the eclipse? i know its supposed to be fwd but it handles like a rwd/4wd after tuning it up.. and i swear it spins back wheels when i do burnouts.. the idea ive got in my head is it starts as fwd (and handles like one) when you buy it, and after buying gearbox upgrades it changes to 4wd?
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a few questions

Postby Illedsownehes » 14 Nov 2015, 10:16

A few questions:
Where is Oculus Rift sold?How affective is it with DCS?What are the minimum system requirements?Does this replace Track IR? Thank you.
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