This Old Game deserves A New Beginning

2004 Need for Speed Underground 2

This Old Game deserves A New Beginning

Postby Smiaw » 07 Oct 2012, 17:34

Replay the OldGame UG2 and have a New Beginning
A UG2 saved game which is unlike any other saved game. To me, this will be definitely be a hoax If I get this elsewhere. For I once thought and believed that this was impossible.

When I started to work on this project 2 weeks ago, I didn't really think that I could have pulld it through. Well, I might just have wasted my time for some fun. Now that it is done. I can still hardly believe it.

Folder name to create : Replays . File to be slimmed to Replays, then off to Load Game/Start New Career and play! Re-live your fond memory. Replay UG2 at the very start of the game. By now, everybody (including the highyly respected FormatC), should know that there is a third Hidden Circuit. It is somewhere north above the Open Circuit, on a street decorated overhead with 6 flowers.

As you start, everything will appear to be the same as before. Is this a hoax then? Someone might be starting to doubt. Just bear with me a little while longer. Finish off the 3 races as fast as you can. You can't lose, can you? Then go to the car lot , and choose the Toyota Corolla. Why Toyota Corolla in particular ? Well, just to see something that EA won't allow you to do later. Rush to the Garage, and behold --- A New Beginning! My favorite OldGame well deserves A New Beginning!

If you have not made a backup of the starting Replay file, you won't be able to do it again. Serious gamers, like Jeffr or me, will try to backup every event and every change. There should be 5 by now from the start. Backup the Replays file now as something like Replays-TNB (The New Beginning) or anything you like. You are free to use it to create anything you like.

I want to do it this way because it is more challenging. It is easy to create this Replays-TNB starting from the Garage. It is slightly more difficult to have it at the car lot. Fortunately FormatC has generously shown us how to do this with 1 car. You just need to do some simple arithmetic addition. To start from where it has started does present some tricky little problems. But I am glad it is all over now.

What do you get after this short memorable or down-memory-lane replay?
--- You will start with 5 cars now, not 1
Well, 5 cars right at the very start of you career. I know that it is very common to have 5 cars.
Very common indeed --- all at the end of your career. Have you ever seen any for a change --- for the start?

--- Play it the OldSchool Gamer's ProperWay, the FormatC's FunWay, the Jeffr's TunerWay
--- Or just AnyWay as it suits you
The first car let you play the game the OldSchool Gamer's ProperWay. Things will start to unlock according to the stages.The next 4 cars let you play it the FormatC's FunWay. Almost fully unlocked. Almost everything provided. All the 4 cars have a Visual Rating of perfect 10, and no ugly-looking CF! FormatC has given you the fun with just one car. Now you have 4. OMG, it is so much FUN. If you happen to be an enthusiatic Tuner , play it the Jeffr's TunerWay. He has created the Ultimate EndGames, isn't it time to have a Ultimate StartGames from him? I am sure many (me too!) will be happy to see that : Have one car especially tuned for one event. The idea of "5 tuned cars for 5 different events" is not new. It just couldn't be realized or implemented --- until now.

--- Almost fully unlocked for your gaming pleasure
Almost? Yes, an easy and simple almost. And why *not* fully? With some external help like WinHex, it could be fully. It could take you to where no one has travelled before. No. I am not talking about StarTrek. It is TNFS-UG2. Moreover, would you really like to have an ugly-looking CF-WBK? MegaTr once did it, but not ProfilerC2 or Parts-Modifier. As far as I can foresee, for most of you, Paint will most likely be your main pain. The Metallic and Pearlescent types won't be available so soon. Have no worry though. You can't paint it, but you can always Hex in the color code. Where to get the Hex location and the color code? This Forum of course!

For some, like a GTO lover once remarked in the forum, "I want to collect all the photos for just my GTO." I can expect question like this: How do I change the car? I have tried the car lot. No help and no way. The car dealer just said, "Sorry Sir, we don't have that model yet. Can you come back after you have completed Stage 4?"

Well, FormatC has all the cars well stocked, including a few that will guarentee to crash your saved games. There is no point for anyone to re-invent the wheels. Within 10 seconds, you can have a GTO owner profile. The data for car1 is from 00005870-00005913, just block-copy that and paste (overwrite!) it to your saved game. Don't forget to save. well, you can have a car change easily within 30 seconds, thanks to that excellent service of FormatC.

For the other 4, the car data starts at 00006062/00006854/00007046/00007838 respectively.
Applying the changes discussed about car1 to the other cars is just a matter of offsetting.
I am sorry if any non-Hex user is confused by I am talking about --- you can pick it up very fast!

By the way, you should know that you have a Hex account 0000A16A. Just make sure you know how to use it. Sometimes you will need to wire or Hex some money into it.

Featuring :
Main Resource : FormatC aka Profiler Creator 2 (Thumbs Up!Thanks!)
Main Helper : Old WinHex8

Car 1 : The humble Toyota Corolla from EA (Or you could have ignored my advice for another car.) For me, this is possibly the best all-purpose car.

Car 2 and 3 : 2 Toyota models. Whatever EA said, ignore it. WinHex rules. It is possible to have 2 Toyota Corollas! Well, I really feel so indebted to my poor old winner, so I rewarded it with not 1, but 4 special vinyls. Something that EA will never approve, but my WinHex8 does obligingly.

Car 4 : Wow! That looks familiar. Is it you, Rachel? We all love this car. Now you can re-live that fond memory. Or even continue with the same car almost unchanged. Well, the CF Hoods has been removed, and Sparco/HKS altered. Can you spot any other difference.

Car 5 : Skyline --- the legend that once rocked the HongKong's racing scene. Can you better that record?

I know --- I am doing something that the original game won't allow us to do. So I can't be sure that everything would be okay. However, I have tested it for a while, and it seems okay. I apologize in advance should this Start-Game affect your system in some undesirable way. If not, then have fun!

..... From : An Old-Timer on the road again with his old Toyota Corolla
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Re: This Old Game deserves A New Beginning

Postby GT3x24x7 » 08 Oct 2012, 12:13

Hi, you can post this in the NFSU2 Utils and Saves section.
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