Keyboard doesn't respond in UG2 or UG1?

2004 Need for Speed Underground 2

Keyboard doesn't respond in UG2 or UG1?

Postby t3hsp4z » 01 Jun 2015, 01:09

I've had both Underground games installed on my PC as a permanent thing for the last however long, I finished both of them with exactly the same PC setup as I have right now except when I open the games I can't do anything with the keyboard.

I have to use a mouse to navigate the menus, creating a new profile allows me to type the name out and hit enter to confirm, and pressing Q will prompt if I want to quit the game. There is no keyboard control ingame either, can't even hit Esc to quit, have to Alt+F4 to quit out.

Have reinstalled and reset everything multiple times to no avail. Anybody got any ideas?
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