need for speed underground performance sounds!

2003 Need for Speed Underground

need for speed underground performance sounds!

Postby r34_drifter » 05 Sep 2006, 10:00

i couldnt find a topic with this in a search so here goes

are there any other ways to make ur car on nfsu2 sound different like not adding parts i only know 1 are there any more ill post my 1 :P

make full lvl 3 performance except engine

engine mods

coldairtake system
performance exhaust
racing camshaft and gears high flow headers
large diamter downpipe and
port and polish heads makes ur car sound real nice :D

if done on a skyline it sounds like 2fast2furious skyline same with the lexus r there any otheres out there! 8)
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Postby xturbo » 05 Sep 2006, 17:57

This was on editing section, right?? there was a "guide" how to edit sounds....look for it ;)
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