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Lost underground profile..

PostPosted: 05 Apr 2007, 20:25
by grizzly
I stupidly assumed the profile would be in
C:\Documents and Settings\user-name\Application Data\NFS Underground.
instead of C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NFS Underground..
before formatting my C drive, so now my profile is gone :(

Is there any cheat code to skip levels? Or can someone upload a profile that has few levels done? The problem is I can't even play 'quick race' properly ( i.e with nitrous and upgrades) without using cheats everytime or doing underground mode all over again.

I had reached till 47 level in underground mode.


PostPosted: 06 Apr 2007, 20:59
by snoopdogg879
try downloading a save game from nfsunlimited .net

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2007, 22:01
by grizzly
I didn't find any saved games but I did find the savegame editor, which allowed me to right to 47 level again! :)


I found it here

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2007, 23:32
by snoopdogg879
your welcome

Re: Lost underground profile..

PostPosted: 28 Apr 2010, 09:43
by heutenitaz
You can find the already completed profiles on the internet. There are lots of profiles that has been uploaded.
I have recently uploaded one file on the internet.