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- Your Idea of an Ideal Need For Speed Game? -

Postby - Rx7 - » 23 Apr 2008, 16:31

Hey hey hey,

I so sorely hope EA decide to create another NFS Title. In my opinion Need For Speed Underground 2 was the best game in the series, brought so many realistic characteristics of the tuner world. Most wanted and Pro Street were utter failures. Life dwindeled in Need for Speed Carbon, the tuner world was seen again (maybe for the last time).

Upon reading the news article - Need for Speed Going Back To It's Roots? (http://www.nfsunlimited.net/news/view/15951)

It prompted me to ask myself - what was my view of an ideal Need For Speed Game?EA need to reach the tuner world once again, i laugh at the idea of closed tracks, i was always so bored playing Prostreet. My intentive silvia never to roam the streets :(. I found myself constantly switching from Underground 2 and ProStreet. So OK. Free Roam + Carlist (Tuning Opportunities) were clear winners.

I saw a new Need for Speed Game in my mind.

Large Details:
- VERY Large Free Roam Map (3x Size of Most Wanted Map [OH YEAH! BRING IT]) (Includes Backstreets+Acsessable garages + car parking lots etc.)
- Massive Tuning Choices e.g more reaslistic (real-life-likle) reintroduction of individal bodykit parts, reintroduction of ricey tuner characteristics such as neons, soundsystems, hydrolics and what not.
- Abolisment of Exotic cars. <- Seriously? Who modifies exotics?
- Abolisment of Old School Muscles <- Not really fitting the tuner scene. More Legal Drag orientated (Due to Massive Horsepower motors)
- Introduction of later year imports (R32,R33,300ZX,200ZX,90's Nissan Pulsar, AE86, S12, S13, S14, S15, SC300, SC400, RX3) + Including all current import cars (RX7, Supra, 350Z, R34 ETC.ETC.ETC.)
- Police? I suppose :)

Small Details
- Realistic Traffic! (Realtime Updates on bumper to bumper traffic, through a SMS) I mean come on, im driving through Bayview (Underground 2) and this place is like a ghost town? Anyways.
- Radio, with channels. (Such as that in the GTA series)
- Neons glow through mesh.
- NO Flames exiting when NOS is executed. (Unrealistic. A cars exhaust will only spit flames when the engine is running very rich, and like i said it only spits, not like a flamethrower :roll: :roll:
- Petrol Fill ups? :D
- Tire Changing Regualy

Minor Details
- Smarter Civillian A.I Drivers
- Darker enviroment - Less lighting. (Need For Speed Underground 2 was a little to brightly lit. Should have been darker IMO.)

Anyways. Let me know your thoughts on this. Also let me know what your Ideal Need For Speed Game would be.

Thanks for listening! Hope my speehc i didn't lower many peoples IQ.

- Rx7 -
- Rx7 -
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