Anti-Cheating device for NFSU

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Anti-Cheating device for NFSU

Postby ZellTKCro » 25 Jun 2004, 20:22

As we all now and expirience every day cheating on NFSU public servers.Somebody should make an anti-cheating device like Unreal Tournaments UT Pure.It would have the same effect but different criteria.Comments??
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Postby xTrEmEbLuE » 26 Jun 2004, 00:12

Like Punkbuster.
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Postby _I3urlNlouT_ » 26 Jun 2004, 03:55

That should be the developer's job, thats what they get paid for in the first place... its like not completing a job imo.
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Postby PowerSandro » 26 Jun 2004, 04:11

yes, but exist cheat detector... I always go out when someone is cheating...
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Postby fv » 03 Jul 2004, 14:43

[quote="PowerSandro"]yes, but exist cheat detector... I always go out when someone is cheating...[/quote]

Cheat Detector only detects illegal TJ's upgrades usage. Moreover it does not kick cheaters before race. This doesn't metter since cheaters that use this trick can't really drive and are easy to beat.

Worse thing are trainers that give "allways win" and "unlimited nos". Those are undecteable automaticaly and many, many people don't care when I mention trainers on chat in racing room.

How do I know people use "unlimited nos" ?
Well, it's easiest on Olimpic Square and Market Street. If you know what speed is needed to get 1:02 on MS and your opponent is going much slower but still manages to go near this lap time - he cheats.
The big corner right just before long straight up to the bridge needs 280-290km/h (after applying hand brake. Before braking you need 305) if you dream of 1:02.
I've seen people approaching this corner @260km/h and still getting 1:02. I've observed them - no NOS was used till end of race. So if someone is good enough to do previous parts of track at astonishing speed why does he go so lame on this curve ? Cause he cheats, that's why.
Keep in mind that to get steerable 280km/h at mentioned point you need to exit previous curve at least 250km/h. And this _is_ hard job requiring a lot of skill and practice. So if you don't get 280 @second curve, you also spoiled previous. And those are most importand curves on track. How the hell did you get 1:02 then ?
Think this way and don't be scared to claim known racers (with milions of rep) as cheaters. Some of them do cheat.

I've also seen people using "ghost mode" so that other players can't hit or push them. This is swichable on/off in trainer so when they want to mess up with you - they just turn it off. This is the most frustrating cheat because it's impossible to accuse anyone publictly of using it because laggs have sometimes the same effect.

Too bad that EA used security through obscurity. Too many things were left to be claimed by client machine. If this is the price of joining PS2 and PC racers in one place - it's too high.

The moral is: programers @Electronic Arts are morons and we can only help ourselves by not racing known cheaters.
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