Fakers suck!

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Fakers suck!

Postby alexm » 06 Jul 2004, 22:46

There are a lot of fakers on nfsunlimted.net. For example i saw a **** idiot calling himself pitzurca that claimed he has a Honda Accord. He posted some pictures. Strange is that me and another friend have the same pictures. Pitzurca or Stan is one the most stupid user. If u see this kind of users make them look laughable. You ******* I'm refering to the fakers. Respect...

this is your first and final warning we do NOTaccept this behavior!!

This topic will be locked... simple becuase it's abusive and plain USELESS!!!


and if you can't see the difirence between a civic and a Accord.... don't even bother commenting....
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