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More download rims

Postby Romeo187 » 13 Jul 2004, 07:07

We all know of these Image

But I remember comein on the forum and I seen some more rims.Someone posted a picture of some rims but I dont know where they are.Is it me?Isnt there another set of vynal rims you can get?I remember seein some G ormoni rims.It was a bunch of them.Please somebody set me stright on this.I rather know that there is no such thing than not know at all.Theres got to be some more rims you can download. THanx for the help
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Postby Sp3aK » 13 Jul 2004, 16:19

No dude I guess you don't know your rims very well. What you see in that picture, courtesy of the great UrQuattro, is TIRE's. Not RIMS. Please understand there is a difference. If you look at the pictures you will see that he put text onto the tire itself(the RUBBER). Goodyear, Pirrelli, etc. There are no custom rims available to my knowledge, and I doubt there will be for NFSU. Production was halted on it as they are working on Underground 2 for a planned Fall '04 release.
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Postby MaxdBeast » 14 Jul 2004, 11:38

some of the rims u may see could be the unique because they're hard to see when u choose them.. like this square one maybe??
hahaha love that pink s2000.. puts it in its place!!!
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