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what do you think....

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2004, 06:06
by stuff
i was just thinking about why there aren't any monster trucks in nfs. i know that there is the usual racing but now there are contests for points maybe we could see some damge with some mean trucks crashing over some cars

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2004, 06:08
by TheStig
:shock: :shock:
then it wouldn't be a NFS game!
does not fit in the series

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2004, 06:18
by Speed818
TheStig wrote::shock: :shock:
then it wouldn't be a NFS game!
does not fit in the series

Exactly! Why would you want a monster truck in an NFS game. Note SPEED at the end of the series name, I beleive most monster trucks aren't very fast at all. And, you'd run outta gas before the finush, getting a couple hundred feet per gallon. :roll:

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2004, 06:21
by TheStig
they actually are fast but.... not real logical :D

And if they had a NFS game with monstertrucks...

it would have been called Need for wrecking.

BTW I would hate to see a Exotic wrecked by such a horrid thing. :P

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2004, 06:35
by Speed818
Hey stuff, just buyMS Monster Truck Madness 2, all the monster trucks you could want. :P

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2004, 11:04
by ^Sparco^
You made me remember Destruction Derby series... :) DD was a great game, but NFS is another thing.

BTW, why is this thread on Editing??

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2004, 05:18
by John T, Herder
Need For Wrecking, lol , and lmao ,that's too funny , yeah like if you lose the race a monster truck comes out and crushes your car .

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2004, 05:23
by stuff
why is it in editing i realy did not know where else to put it. ok i see what you mean about monster trucks not being in line with the series. lets us take free roaming for instance in nfsu2. maybe get to customise your car with 6 foot wheels and go on a rampage demolishing other cars on the road. hey i am sorry if this idea seems obsurde but i like to see mayhem and speed. and ok maybe not on a rampage that might just be a bit to far, but i would like the source code to mod my tyres to 6 footers and raise my ground clearance to a decent foot or os

PostPosted: 26 Jul 2004, 00:19
by John T, Herder
I think you can do that in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 , but I just got the game for pc , so I haven't had the time to try it out yet . I think this link here has cars you can download and install into the game :

PostPosted: 27 Jul 2004, 06:42
by stuff
thanks for the link

PostPosted: 27 Jul 2004, 15:03
by Matrix//Chick
Monster Trucks are awesome.....but for an import tuner

PostPosted: 27 Jul 2004, 21:57
by ViperJay trucks...I want one, so I would always find a park place...cause if it isn't you can just park on other cars :D
btw, I agree, monster trucks in NFS wouldn't be a great entry, then we'll have all another kind of game