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TJ Part Swapper

Postby Nissan_skyline » 28 Jul 2004, 22:59

Hi!! I download TJ part swapper and i dont know how to install all TJ upgrade
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Postby TheStig » 29 Jul 2004, 00:40

you can't with a TJ swapper...

It's not a Cheat program, It's just for swapping TJ parts for a difirent 3 part setup

All 9 is a way of cheating.

BTW not verry wise if you have a Cheat detector... and at the same time wanting all 9 TJ's

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NFSUnlimited Staff
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Postby Matrix//Chick » 29 Jul 2004, 03:27

Ohhhh we go again.
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Turbo Charged
Turbo Charged
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Postby Death Ranger » 29 Jul 2004, 05:06

and if we're on the topic, where can i donload that 9 tj thingy and is there a way to disable it after looking how fast my car goes?
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Death Ranger
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Drift King
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Postby SuperRacer » 29 Jul 2004, 05:23

To avoid discussion of the 9 TJ parts thing, I'm locking this post...
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