Thestig is a doodle

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Thestig is a doodle

Postby Fee-Line » 30 Sep 2004, 18:24

tbh i think thestig is a fat firetruck doodle that takes things to seriously i mean calm the firetruck down evry locked topic ive seen has been locked by the stig some are for no reason wot so ever he needs to get a life and stop taking things to seriously u firetruck lame mofo noob
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Postby Vimenze » 30 Sep 2004, 18:35

this is definitely none of my business... but if u do f*** and write the other words as they are... how come u're a bit less intelligent then some might think u are and not wrote the rest as f*** too ;) oh...

And this subject so makes no sense, go bug someone else if u haven't got laid last night, sheesh.

Turbo Charged
Turbo Charged
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Postby Bojan » 30 Sep 2004, 18:40

Congrats mate, you just bought yourself a ticket to account deactivation.
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Postby Sp3aK » 30 Sep 2004, 18:45

You also got your topic locked....

Also, TheStig isn't the only admin here. bobyx and I are online alot more than he is. So it could have been one of us. So you want to yell at me? Cuz I have this thing called BAN IP which makes it so you can't get to the forums at all.... We can argue with that if you like, but it usually wins.

Oh and maybe if you didn't make off-topic and useless posts your topics wouldn't get locked, ever think about that?
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