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NFSU fps

Postby fmccloudx » 30 Sep 2004, 20:00

Is ther a proggy that tracks my FPS in NFSU, with a little fps counter in the corner or somethin? I wanna see what my average fps is so i know what to expect from NFSU2.

Windows XP
1.3 Ghz P4
Geforce FX 5500 128 DDR
256 ram

I have everything on high and everything turned on, except blur motion. It usually runs pretty smooth, i'm thinkin around 30-40 FPS. except for china town, it slows down a bit cuz it's the most detailed area =P
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Postby SuperRacer » 30 Sep 2004, 23:37

Download FRAPS
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Postby Jmac- » 04 Oct 2004, 17:30


Windows XP (SP2)
AMD Athlon XP2500+
512 MB of PC2700
Gigabyte GA-7N400-L
Visiontek GeForce4 MX440 w/ 66.81 drivers
120 GB Maxtor HDD (ATA100, 2 MB Cache, 7200 RPM)


All graphics options set to full/on
2x Anti-aliasing
2x Anisotropy

These settings (One lap around Olympic Square) ...

Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg

No FSAA (One lap around Olympic Square) ...

Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
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Postby marshallpre1 » 05 Oct 2004, 07:07

i run 59s/60s i think its limited.... i have

p4 2.4 ghz
512 ram
Nvidia 5900 xt oc
win xp

thats on 1024x768, with ALL OPTIONS maxxed out :)- from headlights, to blur, to particle, to animated background... everything one can think of :wink:
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Postby TheStig » 06 Oct 2004, 07:08

yeah I guess it is limited to 60

I run on 60 most of the time...


AMD 64 3200+ (on ASUS K8V)
ATI 9800XT
1024 MB
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