Your highest Top Speed in NFSU1

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Your highest Top Speed in NFSU1

Postby Hybrid 87 » 17 Oct 2004, 21:50

What is your highest top speed in the game and what car?
My top3 of top speeds is:
RX-7 - 389,72 km/h
Golf - 391,99 km/h
Skyline - 399,99 km/h
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Hybrid 87
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Turbo Charged
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Postby ^Sparco^ » 17 Oct 2004, 22:22

Welcome to nfsunlimited.
There is another thread related to that and created months ago. Notice that it is better to post in an existing thread than creating a new one ;)
The thread is inside Competitions Section. Click here to enter
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Postby Abrams » 17 Oct 2004, 22:59

Thanks to ^Sparco^...

Like he said:

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