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design for nsfu

Postby feedapig » 30 Oct 2004, 17:11

hey just wanna ask how do u add colour to ur vinyl and how to make the lancer look like a evo......Image

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Postby ViperJay » 30 Oct 2004, 21:56

hey man, these are my cars :D
I hope you liked them if you post them :wink:
ok, here's the answers
1-you can add color from the vynils menu: when you put a vynil onto your car you come back into the choose layer menu; from there you have the vinyl color option. use that
2-it's the "vapor" bodykit you find in the game :wink:

you can pm me for any other question, or just ask here in the boards
(sorry, don't know why but I can't post pics here to explain it better way)
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