Which nfs7 better?

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Which nfs7 better?

Postby Stereo » 22 Sep 2003, 03:50

NFS7 PS2, or NFS7 PC? I'm trying to get better graphics. Wahat Graphics better?? PC or PS2? I have nVidia GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 Pro
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Postby SuperRacer » 22 Sep 2003, 04:33

Obviously, PC will have better graphics, but the game probably won't work well with your video card.
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Postby Steweo » 22 Sep 2003, 04:53

What video card would be needed??? :?: :?: :?:

Postby eaz- » 22 Sep 2003, 12:18

i heard in an interveiw they are trying to make all versions very simular in graphics. so u would be beter to go with the ps2 unless u want online play.
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Postby Rogue » 22 Sep 2003, 13:44

eaz-, in part your right about ps2 but the pc version is gonna be better because of the numerous things that ppl create which can be added to the pc game to make it more interesting. If you look back over the history of nfs and the patches, cars, hacks and cracks available you'd have to say that pc provides the best variety. Anyway, welcome to the forums..and where are you from in the land of Oz????
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