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2003 Need for Speed Underground

Who's The Better Rival?

Eddie (NFSU1)
Caleb (NFSU2)
Total votes : 54

Postby Maverick2K4 » 31 May 2005, 22:49

Eddie for sure. Caleb is such a wimp that you didn't join his crew that he high beams you so you could crash. Only a wimp/pussy/wuss/idiotic moron would do that kind of thing. If I wanted to mess somebody up like Caleb wanted to, I'd beat the shiznit out of him personally, not highbeam them to get them into an accident.
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Postby ^Sparco^ » 31 May 2005, 23:29

Freeman wrote:i think that ea should doo the same in too fast too furios like you being arested by the cops and rhey hire you too catch calebs boss

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Postby sushy » 01 Jun 2005, 16:37

I think that would not be bad idea.
Did Caleb have a boss then? o_0
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Postby Sir Ibi » 01 Jun 2005, 16:42

that takes away the whole idea of illegal racing. And would be like you were some sort of snitch, which is seen as quite low..... if there is gonna be any kind of story (which i'm sure there will be) then it should be more about being an outlaw, running away from the police, somethin like:

Suring the game you will make friends, and enemies, and at one point you will make a very important freind, who you trust, then suddenly you find out that he was a snitch for cop, then you race him in some sort of duel....... or somat like that anyway... kind of like the Vance character from GTA:VC
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