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Postby RJP1216 » 22 Jul 2008, 04:55

Hey everyone im new here and i have a problem with my 240SX on prostreet. im using it as my grip car and its fast it has almost all performance parts but im havin a problem with its tops out at 5th gear at around 145MPH and i dont know why. i know it can go faster than 145 but its like it gets stuck does anyone know anything i can try to change to fix this maybe a tuning problem?


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Re: Car Help

Postby teddyprkr » 15 Jun 2009, 09:49

i suppose you could play with your gearing. go into practice mode and try it out, tune it, try it, tune it. How far along in the game are you? If you have money I recommend something like an Evo for grip. I find the S13 good for drift mostly, though it can play all positions.
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Re: Car Help

Postby CMuscle1 » 16 Jun 2009, 07:41

The Golf, 06 GTO, EVO IX, M3 and Ford GT are some good grip cars try looking to any of those 240sx will only go so far as a grip look to change it to drift at some point or sell it. :) hope that helps some
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