Trouble Beating Aki...

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Trouble Beating Aki...

Postby MJ23 » 11 Aug 2008, 23:03

So I've been having some trouble beating ProStreet's drift king, Aki Kumora (SP?). I can wipe the floor with him the first race, but the second track is just so dang hard to get a good score it's embarrassing. Best I can get on that one is 1,500, and that is very rare. I've been trying 2 different cars, the RX-7 and an AE86. Both are maxed out stage 4 parts. I've made the RX-7 very nice tuning wise, and beating Ryo with it wasn't too challenging, only the first one I had trouble with, but then I used NOS off the line to get some good speed in the first corner and came out of the first hairpin with 2,000 points XD . The main problem is that really sharp hairpin, I always end up sliding into the grass...

So basically what I'm asking is if there is a car for drifting that I can EASILY beat Aki with (when tuned well of course) and what can I do to improve my score on the 2nd race.
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Re: Trouble Beating Aki...

Postby speed_man » 22 Aug 2008, 03:29

Well, i always beat him with a Rx-7.!! :wink:
On the really sharp hairpin...slow down a little and then hit the e-brake, then slam on the gas when you are in a good spot :wink:

See if that works for you
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Re: Trouble Beating Aki...

Postby galm66 » 16 Apr 2009, 16:30

Using The Pontiac Solstice Is great..!!! Even when you didnt customize the handling or engine (eg. First gear, braking etc.)
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