PS2 or Xbox 360 version?

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PS2 or Xbox 360 version?

Postby OutcastNeedhelp » 25 Jan 2009, 19:27

Is this game hard to find?
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Re: PS2 or Xbox 360 version?

Postby Dr Houbenheimer » 26 Mar 2009, 08:43

What do you mean by hard to find, it came out in 2007. You should be able to pick it up at any store for around $20-$50 these days as well as online. In regards to your heading that I'm assuming is completely irrelevant to the content of your question I'd get the 360 version over the PS2 version and not just because it's on a 7th gen console. I personally haven't played the game but from what I hear the 360 version is loads better to the degree that it justifies any possible further expense over the PS2 version.
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