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ProStreet upgrading problems

Postby RBA » 25 Sep 2009, 21:59


I just got ProStreet, as I changed computer recently and couldn't play that game on my old one (Could barely play UG2 on it). My copy is a brand new French/Italian/German one. Thing is, each time I try to apply the patches I got from the French EA Games ProStreet site, it crash at start, I only see a loading screen, the one before you see the wheels spinning into the EA logo.

So, my question, is how do I know the version of my game?
And secondly, how do I know I have the cars/track upgrade (I know that the US one is called Energizer pack and I think that this one is called the Coke pack, but I'm unsure)?

I can tell you that I have all of the cars in the car folder though (S2000 and so on).
Though if I don't patch the game, it run fine.

Thanks for the answers.
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Re: ProStreet upgrading problems

Postby dellsmaith » 18 Nov 2009, 08:22

I have a problem of installing NFS. After I type in the CD-key and enter it, I get this message; "the folder path need for speed prostreet contains an invalid character." How can i solve this problem? Much help would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
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