Pro Street rapin' my graphics card...

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Pro Street rapin' my graphics card...

Postby [T][U][N][3][R] » 05 Mar 2011, 11:03

Despite the fact that it runs at 50 FPS+ with everything maxed, Pro Street seems to hate my GPU... I get all sorts of graphics bugs, textures popping, lag etc... that was a few months ago, it was so bad I removed Pro Street. Recently I re-installed and it runs much better (re-installed / updated GPU drivers a few times in between) but I still get those problems, although rarely. It also crashed my GPU driver a few times.

I have a GeForce 9400GT, not the best GPU, but way more than Pro Street really needs. Even tried playing with everything to minimum and it still p*sses me off. What's the problem?
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Re: Pro Street rapin' my graphics card...

Postby Kaerar » 01 May 2011, 05:58

Actually no Pro Street is happy with a 9800GTX or higher. The low end Nvidia or AMD/ATi cards get utterly destroyed by Pro Street. Mainly due to Black Box's inability to optimize any code :D

You can get a reasonable card for about the $220 mark maybe less if you hunt around. AMD/ATi 6850 or 6950 would be the target zone for you, especially since the Nvidia cards of similar price are not even close to matching their performance currently.

I just ran it with my 9600GT and it's avging about 60 FPS but due to the engine feels rubbery. It's far better on my Radeon 4890, but the cars still feel like they were built to survive a nuclear holocaust. Bring on the PS Toolkit...
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