NFS PS: 4WD to RWD mod possible?

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NFS PS: 4WD to RWD mod possible?

Postby Atominist » 03 Feb 2008, 06:36

I was wondering the other day if you could convert cars like the Evo and Skyline to RWD so you can enter them in drift races?

Can you Hex them, or does something too deep need to be changed?
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Re: NFS PS: 4WD to RWD mod possible?

Postby Albtraum » 03 Feb 2008, 08:29

I was wondering about that, too.
Just changing the mode of an AWD Car to Drift will not work. You can enter drift races with them, but the Score wont go up (damn those people responsible for the driftsystem in ps)

Some trainer could switch any car to RWD/AWD/FWD (never tried).
But I think this could be modded somewhere in gamefiles (globalmemoryfile?).
Maybe Bytesss knows (or could find out) which bytes to change :wink:

As for the Evo, there is actually a RWD Version hidden ingame.
Obviously, because AWD doesn't score in drift (i tried). :roll:
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Actually, Ryo's Drift Evo has LogoCode AF2DC3C1, but that displays as 'Default String'. 209A8F6B is the code(s) of the normal Evo.
You could either change the carcode of an already bought Evo to 0B26A9F0 or just make a new Car Lot entry. Or replace the normal Evo in Car Lot, buy and restore.
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