How to swap car bodies in Need for Speed

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How to swap car bodies in Need for Speed

Postby Bytesss » 04 Feb 2008, 00:21

Here's a quick tutorial on how to swap car bodies in Need for Speed Most Wanted, Carbon or ProStreet by HexEditing your game's GlobalMemoryFile.bin
Although you can swap any car body with another the wheel base & ride height should be similar for the car to look right.
Before swapping car bodies you should backup your profiles and sell the cars you're going to swap. You can do this without first selling the cars and buying them back but parts & paint may get mixed up. After swapping bodies the cars may or may not have the correct body when viewing in the garage but will be swapped when raced. Be very careful when editing, mistakes can cause the game to crash when loading.

The file you're going to edit is the GlobalMemoryFile.bin that's located in the games global subdirectory. Back this file up before editing!

Open GlobalMemoryFile.bin with a hexeditor. You can just do a text search for "damagevehicle" (without quotes) or go to one of the following offsets to see the table:
NFSPS v1.1: 00002826
NFSC v1.4: 0000A58F
NFSMW v1.3: 00004958

Each car has at least 2 text entries, the only one that seems to matter is the first which is in capitals. When swapping cars you must be sure to use capital letters or it won't work. The second entry in lower case letters (and third on some cars in PS) doesn't seem to have any effect on the car being loaded properly, I haven't had any problems when zeroing it out. This makes it possible to swap any car since the length of the car names would otherwise limit the number of cars that could be swapped. The easiest swap can be done in ProStreet by changing the N(s) and the O(s) in MUSTANGSHLBYN MUSTANGSHLBYO

Once you find the cars you want to swap go to the right side window and retype the names in capital letters taking note of where the last letter is. Remember that the dots in the right window are NOT periods! After swapping the car names on the right side look at where the cursor is on the left data side then go there and "zero out" the remaining characters.

I've attached a screenshot of ProStreet's (v1.1) GlobalMemoryFile with the CorvetteZ06 and Veyron swapped. If you download and run the Veyron Mod I have listed in another post and swap these cars you'll have a near perfect handling Corvette, it fits the Veyron chassis nicely.
NFSPS Global Edit.JPG
NFSPS GlobalMemoryFile Edited
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Re: How to swap car bodies in Need for Speed

Postby 888Veyron » 21 Apr 2008, 07:09

any screenshots of the cars?
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Re: How to swap car bodies in Need for Speed

Postby BEEFKING » 13 Aug 2009, 15:30

can u go into detail a lil bit better plz? thx
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