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Re: NFS ProStreet Gravity & CAM MODs

Postby shonlee_Yap » 16 Oct 2008, 07:46

hey, may i know how u figure out that those values are the gravity values? is there maybe a way to change the values of a cars mass? i would prefer to do this than to use a trainer or mod because i want my awesome looking carrera to weigh less than tuners. i dunno if it already is but it sure feels like the big fat skyline is lighter. thanks.

whoops forgot to mention im trying to edit for carbon.
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Re: NFS ProStreet Gravity & CAM MODs

Postby Bytesss » 19 Oct 2008, 21:23

The Carrera GT mass in NFS Carbon is 1400 (float). It's located at 00077290h in the GlobalMemoryFile.bin
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Re: NFS ProStreet Gravity & CAM MODs

Postby Try1ng 1t 0ut » 15 Mar 2009, 01:27

Ugh I'm getting annoyed of trying to download from those cruddy FTP Servers and stuff... Is there an alternative place to download it?
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