Race vs only stock IA cars?? possible?? - prostreet

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Race vs only stock IA cars?? possible?? - prostreet

Postby breach135 » 17 Feb 2008, 09:33

Hello guys, I have tried and tried to find a way to make the pretune AI cars back to stock, however I can't find a way..

ok I tried deleting the folder of the cars I know the computer will generate to compete, and the cars will still appear as ghost, no body on them, just wheels and full tuned.

ok then I notice cparty mention something about the pretune cars in the thread about hex hacking the memory to obtain hidden cars, I though if I change those pretuned cars to stock cars codes the computer will run on those, however it only seem to affect the pretuned cars you receive!

anyways, I think the solution is inside the global folder.. i have no clue really.. #-o

where do you think the settings of the pretune IA cars are? anyway to modify them and make them stock? Thank you guys and all those hex editing Gods!!!
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Re: Race vs only stock IA cars?? possible?? - prostreet

Postby RedCarDriver » 17 Feb 2008, 20:52

Probably, you could probably edit your save file to get them as well. Either way, I'm no good with hex editing, so I can't really help.
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