how to transfer cars from a career to another (prostreet)

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how to transfer cars from a career to another (prostreet)

Postby RyanHalevy » 09 Jun 2008, 03:57

is there anyway to transfer a car that you already pimped and modded from that career into another created career or profile???? :? and im talking about prostreet, kay??
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Re: how to transfer cars from a career to another (prostreet)

Postby prince1142003 » 09 Jun 2008, 18:10

Yes it is. However, no comprehensive guide exists. So you'll have to read through the hex-editing thread for prostreet and attempt to gather the knowledge. Remember to make a backup!

First, you'll need to buy the same car in the new career. Next, find the customization slot for the car in the old career, and transfer the data from the entire slot to the customization slot of the new career. Pay close attention to the two careers as the location of the slots will be different based on the carslot for the car in each career.

I would not recommend copying the carslot as well since the game creates "links" between the carslot, customization slot, car data, etc. Those links may become messed up and result in unintended behavior from the game.
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