Exhaust tips with stock body kits

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Exhaust tips with stock body kits

Postby Anesthezia » 25 Sep 2009, 20:22

Hi everyone, I'd like to know if it is possible to change the exhaust tips with stock body kits by like editing some files to make the game-engine (or something as important :D ) think that you have a "non-stock" body kit in you car?

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Re: Exhaust tips with stock body kits

Postby ElvenAvenger » 13 Oct 2009, 22:22

if anything like that was possible then the only way i see to do it is to exchange stock bodykit with a tuned one(visually only) and tuned one with stock, that way after changing into the exchanged bodykit game things you have tuned bodykit but the visual stays stock... doubt its possible on pro street though...well xD tried to help :D
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