NFS:Carbon cheat problem

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NFS:Carbon cheat problem

Postby absolutekarnage » 13 Mar 2008, 02:07

i have the pc version special edition and when i go to the "click to continue" screen and type the cheat nothing happens

can someone tell me what im doing wrong?
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Re: NFS:Carbon cheat problem

Postby VYPER » 19 May 2008, 04:14

I use this "Need For Speed Carbon Save Editor" and you can download it here:

Description: This small program allows you to:
- change the amount of money
- edit your alias and crew name
- modify the "heat" level on any of your cars in career mode
- unlock cars, perfomance, visual, aftermarket and autosculpt stuff
- repair your savefiles (fix checksum, change cd key)
- explore and modify internal data structures of the game
- also, there is a free savefile library, which you can use to create your own save modification programs
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