A small heads up about NFSC crashes.

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A small heads up about NFSC crashes.

Postby bboyastar » 29 Dec 2010, 02:39

This is just a really small heads up. If you don't care or you know most of this, don't be negative, because I just found this out.

Hi guys this is once again B-Boy A-Star. I’d like to announce I have finally fixed my problem in NFSC. I’ll start my story from the beginning so that others can see how to fix a general problem. My problem might be specific to my game, but you’ll never know. I advise this method as it is very simple.

Problem. I have installed the game on Windows Vista and it crashes at EA logo screen.
Solution 1. Do NOT change anything, from compatability to folders in the ‘NFSC’ folder. Leave the compatability as ‘Windows XP Service pack 2’. Install patch 1.4 and your problems will be fine.

Solution 2. If you’ve already changed the compatability to a mode that makes NFSC run, make sure it doesn’t crash anywhere. NOTE – I did this and my game kept crashing at Kempton. In my case even when the patch 1.4 was installed it won’t really help these crashes unless you change the compatability to its default setting.

Solution 3. To guarantee a successful patch, make sure you log onto the administrator user on your PC and download it from there. Doing it from an average user might not guarantee a successful download.
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