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Re: NFS Carbon: Hex Editing [Tips & Tricks]

Postby jeffareid » 23 Dec 2008, 05:44

Youtube link to Cop Z06 at Condo Row (you can't view .WMV files?). I just uploaded, so it still may be processing.

The car code is C4053AF9 928F0F95, so you should be able to modify a savefile using this code, running the game and using TSearch or a similar trainer.
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Re: NFS Carbon: Hex Editing [Tips & Tricks]

Postby ElvenAvenger » 25 Nov 2009, 20:52

Is there a way to hexedit the bonus tracks from collectors edition and challenge series to be open in normal game edition or is it not going to be possible?(mainly interested in challenge series and drift tracks in the city)
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Re: NFS Carbon: Hex Editing [Tips & Tricks]

Postby lol » 09 Mar 2010, 17:27

all this talk about editing carbon makes me envious since i'm a mac user I simply can't find the savegame only a bunch of stuff that doesn't have any car codes at any ideas where it could be since it opens NFS carbon up like a folder every time i use a hex editor

plz help me I love audi le mans
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Re: NFS Carbon: Hex Editing [Tips & Tricks]

Postby Andre_online » 10 Mar 2010, 17:40

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you just want a savegame which has the Audi R8 in the Career Mode, am I right?
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Re: NFS Carbon: Hex Editing [Tips & Tricks]

Postby lol » 10 Mar 2010, 21:23

yes and a murcielago lp640
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Re: NFS Carbon: Hex Editing [Tips & Tricks]

Postby ah3000 » 02 Sep 2013, 16:17

I'm not a professional but the chance to do this

look at my car

Vinyl 5C12

Please delete the spaces form url

h t t p : //im38.gulfup.c o m/6fkcG.jpg
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Re: NFS Carbon: Hex Editing [Tips & Tricks]

Postby switchblade16 » 01 Jul 2015, 10:59

I found this tutorial over at nfscars

The translation was a bit poor though. I wonder if someone can test it out other than myself. Plus the image host was transferred and sadly the guys over at nfs com ru weren't able to preserve the old host for just image hosting. Gladly it was still there so the pic you see is the one that will matter.


How to find value

search through 4 bytes number of competitions to be the first bottom bottom 240 SX machine gives

2486592677 240 sx chal
162703720 freeroom
2579660347 intro
1920217753 tutor (Education)
3390594264 tag.proto
132773534 Lqr.3.1
3266485035 dr January 1
283589846 tn.1.2
1219173254 ex.2.2
3751888449 ex.1.3
2567581170 cs.13.3
2166216112 tn.5.3
2995723623 ct.4.1
4199929548 cs.8.2

1070696525 cs.7.2
1218292933 drag (fly)
2638315112 ex.1.2
1201573785? Rtn.4.1
3426061537 duel
4058822763 ct.5.1

3481591447 tn.1.1
4178278252 touge1
3360492716 touge2
2700763537 touge3
3841923257 touge4


Drift around the city


231632760 Dover and Lepus
670126037 Dam Petersburg
4214801563 Street Mission
2957388873 Quay Road (Waterfront road)
2957388873 Spine Despair




2638532868 Fortune
182614617 Kempton
2560931668 Center
1387532401 San Juan
1925689901 Silverton

Chase Bleed

630177739 Silverton
1189376770 Fortune
4218263331 Center
2699634287 Kempton
368679626 San Juan

Types of races

255 all available races
0 sprint
1 lap
4 checkpoint
5 radar
11 rrift
13 canyons
14 pursuit
15 pursuit k o

Several of the Championship

Several of the Championship [Chase]

1250846531 Mazda 3
726946768 Garbage
Nissan R34 3417586865

2578308968 Dodge Charger SRT8
1917446775 Subaru
2018037299 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

887312739 Shelby GT500
270149144 Jaguar XK
2740240356 Dodge Viper

Several of the Championship [Canyons]

3852697286 Lexus IS300
2879113583 Road Runner
4016049009 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Several of the Championship [Checkpoint in the canyon]

1796347427 Chevrolet Camaro SS
1989521006 Mazda RX7
2567581170 BMW M3 GTR

Several of the Championship [Drift in the canyon]

668817323 Aston Martin DB9
507900534 Toyota MR2
3455960702 Lamborhini Murcilago LP640

Several of the Championship [Race War]

3822982742 Mitsubishi Eclipse
954558562 SL65 AMG
3592154692 Dodge Challenger Concept
Nissan 240 SX 2486592677
3187472634 Chevrolet Camaro Concept
2504234395 Koenigsegg CCX


We go into a career
Looking for track through Cheat Engine 2957388873 (4 bytes) or 49 2C 46 B0 (HEX) Road near the water (Waterfront road)
Find 14 to 16 values
Viewing the memory should look like this:

i imgur /CN5Dwzn jpg (add dawt com between imgur and cn5)

Red shows where to be run in memory

Replace the value 2957388873 3841923257 on (4 bytes)

Choosing a road race on the map near the water (Waterfront road)

If you drive up to the race it will not work!
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