Can Anyone Help Me?

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Can Anyone Help Me?

Postby ILOVECARZ95 » 04 Mar 2015, 01:35

Hey All,

I am new here but you might have seen me on NFSCars, for some reason I have never been able to access of post in the forums there, so I came here, also NFSCars has been butchered now and I think it is harder to navigate.

My question is, when I follow the Wiki's guide to Carbon hex editing; Vinyls to be precise, I find what I think is mt vinyl slot, change the Soccerball (E45F) into a texture but it either doesn't change or the texture becomes glitched like a white bitty, liny texture with the colour of my car very feint underneath. What am I doing Wrong.

Also does anyone know of the following.

1) A Turf/Territory Modifier

2) Replay Any Boss Race

Thanks in advance. :)
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Re: Can Anyone Help Me?

Postby ILOVECARZ95 » 04 Mar 2015, 17:49

Ok I've figured how to put a texture vinyl onto a car.

o Add A Texture Vinyl You Must First:

1) Add North West Roofscoop (Aftermarket) To Your Car Part Code B778

2) Open Hex Editor

3) Open Your Save Game In Hex Editor (Usually In Computer/Documents/NFS Carbon)

4) Find And Search Hex Values B778 Part Code

5) Should Be Above 28A00 Offset Or Last In The Save Game File (Note To Be Safe You Should Only Have One Car With This Roofscoop Applied while applying a vinyl texture as it could overwrite something you don't want it to)

6) Change The Part Code B778 To A Vinyl Texture Of You Choice

7) Save Changes

8) Download A Checksum Fixer (NfsCarbon Save Editor 1.27)

9) Load Your Game, Check Your Car

Please note that not all texture vinyls will go on every car some are made specific, I.E. 'Darius 3393' Is made only for the Audi Le Mans Quattro. I didn't want people to be disappointed and think it won't work, the guide above worked first time for me, I tried putting Darius' Vinyl on the BMW bit the whole cars texture was totally glitched but the Lexus IS300 texture worked on the BMW :S.

I tried my best to follow and learn the hex editing guide over on the Wiki page but am just not clever enough to get it I might keep going back to it but I don't fancy my chances.
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