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NFSMW: MillenWorks AWD Eclipse

Postby RedCarDriver » 17 Feb 2008, 04:23

I've made a simple mod for the Eclipse in Most Wanted, inspired by the AWD Eclipse GT by MillenWorks. I basically only edited the performance, because I can't model or make textures, that well. Heck, anyone with VLTEdit and the mod loader could do this, practically. If someone is willing to edit the stock bodykit and stock hood to look like the MillenWorks Eclipse, please do and PM me. (I'm terribly lazy, sorry.)

This requires the MW Mod Loader.

To Install:
1. Download this file and extract it to the directory: (MW Install Directory)\Addons\Cars.
2. Take files from old Eclipse GT and paste them into the newly created directory.
3. Run MW with the mod loader turned on.

The car will not look different but the text in the My Cars window and Rap Sheet (I think), as well as possibly the listing for Big Lou's car, should say "Mitsubishi Eclipse Millenworks 4WD". Also, when driving, the car should perform different, have a higher redline, and sound different.

The file is here:

Please don't get mad at me if you feel this is useless because anyone can do this kind of thing. However, if this is in the wrong place or something, sorry. Please feel free to tell me so.

EDIT (2/26/08): I guess there was a thread for this already, but it was last posted in, in September. lol
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