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NFSU 2 Donation Needed

Postby NFSTom » 15 Aug 2009, 05:10

Oh Hai, I bought NFSU 2 recently and let my little bro play. Once he was done, he went to the destination folder (C:/Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed Underground 2) And replaced the civic with the skyline. Once he did that he f-ed up the models completely. So if someone is kind enough to Copy there civic and skyline folders (Not drag out, COPY.) and send the upload to me, that would be awesome. Thanks.

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Re: NFSU 2 Donation Needed

Postby NFSTom » 15 Aug 2009, 09:01

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Re: NFSU 2 Donation Needed

Postby Andre_online » 15 Aug 2009, 19:58

Hi Tom,

Not that anyone is not reading the forums, but sharing of files is strictly forbidden here. Not in public, at least. However, what you can do is to extract out the current savegame from the NFSU2 folder and put it somewhere else. Then re-install the game, and re-insert the savegame into the destined folder.
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