I cant find the hidden outrun

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I cant find the hidden outrun

Postby Reviver » 31 Jan 2009, 18:54

Hey, guys...
Has anyone found the hidden outrun yet? I found a hint from several websites saying something like: Enter career, go to best buy & burgerking area, drive around, look for a stone wall and an alley, take a sharp turn to the right and you end up in a parking lot, where an opponent is sitting, nor you or the opponent will appear on the map... after you challenge him to an easy outrun, return to the parking lot and collect two info icons. Then jump to the garage, save the game and go back to the parking lot, 5 cash icons should be there. If you visit a shop or the garage, the 5 cash icons will appear again and again and again...

If anyone has found this, please describe the location precisely or maybe mark it on the map and upload an image, whatever...
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Re: I cant find the hidden outrun

Postby Dr Houbenheimer » 25 Mar 2009, 08:15

$5 here and there isn't going to help you at all-at the moment I've got like $200,000

EDIT: God, don't you just love going back and seeing all your n00b posts :roll:

And btw TheStalker but you really don't need to bring up such an old topic, I don't think he's still checking in here for a response to a question he asked a year ago.
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Re: I cant find the hidden outrun

Postby MrStalker » 12 Jan 2010, 02:59

Bogus. Does not exist.
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