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[NFSU] How to import vinyls using bintex

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2004, 11:19
by Bojan
Download BinTex 0.3 from our utils section, unzip it somewhere on your HD and run it.

Unzip the content of the file custom vinyl you downloaded to somewhere on your hd. Open the readme file of the custom vinyl. Find out for which car are the custom vinyls. Then launch BinTex - File - Open: go to NFS Underground/Cars dir, then to the dir of the car the vinyl is for and open and open VINYLS.BIN.

Sort the vinyls inside the file by name (click on the Name).

Check the readme which two vinyls you must update. Then select the first one in BinTex (without _mask), go Texture - Import and then select the first dds file (without _m or _mask) from the custom vinyl you downloaded. Do the same for the second (*_mask).

Then go to File - Save, close BinTex, go to the game and select the vinyl you replaced in the car customize screen.

Note: the names of vinyls in BinTex are not necessarily the same as in the game. The readme of the custom vinyl should contain info on which vinyl should you replace, and what vinyl is that in the game.

If your game crashes after you selected a certain vinyl which you think you updated, then you probably changed the wrong vinyl type (there are 1color, 2color, 3color, unique and manufacturer vinyls).

You can get the original VINYLS.BIN off CD1.

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2004, 14:20
by UrQuattro
I can add some things to what bobyx said, and comment on some common problems I encountered, when working with vinyls

1) If you didn't unlock some vinyl during the game, and the mod uses that vinyl - than you obviously can't use the mod. For example I often choose AUTO ZONE vinyl to replace it with mine - so if you haven't yet unlocked it - than you can't use the mod.... hope that's clear!

2) The *.dds files are named, as mentioned, differently to what they are in your game... So Cutom1 may appear as Sam's Custom 5 or something like that... With side vinyls, this approach may guide you: LEVEL 3 vinyls would be named 306, 307 and similar... Level 2 - 225, 226 and so on. And Level 1 will start with 1s. But this isn't an absolute rule, just a general guide to know where to look for vinyls that contain 1, 2 or 3 colors.

3) The game may crash if you decided to modify the downloaded vinyl and import it back. If your custom car is the last car you used, you may even lose access to customizing ANY car under that profile. My advice, when exiting the game - remove the custom vinyls from the car if you plan to modify it.

4) The game may crash in this case also: you modify a vinyl that’s saved already as .dds file (this means modifying original and mask files)… You can avoid this by modifying the files in a Photoshop document you originally worked with before you saved files in .dds format. If this is unclear let me know.

5) Save dds in 256 ARGB palette colors (8bit).

6) The original BIN files for all cars are located in the first CD of NeedForSpeed Undeground

That’s my 2 cents, hope it helps some ppl who experience problems

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2004, 23:21
by nfs_rocks
umm .. i have paint shop pro 8 ... and i cant open DDS files .. its says file not supported .. i cant even find the plugin for PSP ... plzz help me!

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2004, 01:52
by hund_schraube
dds plugin for paintshop pro and photoshop[goes in plugins folder] ... te/dds.8bi

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2004, 17:41
by arab heat 999
I don't have any photo shop type thing except for paint.

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2004, 22:28
by SuperRacer
You can download trial versions on Adobe's and PSP's web sites.

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 12:43
by C.Ronaldo 007
hi i'm new here , so please guide me , when i click on texture followed by import , it says "an error occured while trying to decompress texture data!" . may i know what is that ?

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2004, 13:23
by Dragon-of-Rune
Have you tried opening the file instat of inporting the texture file.

:twisted: Dragon-of-Rune :twisted:

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2004, 07:22
by C.Ronaldo 007
i don't get what you mean , dragon of rune

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2004, 10:30
by Dragon-of-Rune
From what i read out off your post you are trying to import the texture file's. But you have to open the texture file's so you can export the dds file's and edit them.

:twisted: Dragon-of-Rune :twisted:

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2004, 00:53
by CeeJTanK
i downloaded and it says it replaced a body vinal but i cant find the body vinals in BinTex. I reall want to use that vinal but i dont know where to put it. Help please.

PostPosted: 05 Feb 2004, 11:02
by i_sonic
hello there!

i got the plugin for the photoshop. i opened the file and the photoshop program started up.... after which i tried to open the dds file which lead to an error or "unsupported type". are there any other procedures on how to install the plugin?

PostPosted: 05 Feb 2004, 11:05
by Bojan

PostPosted: 05 Feb 2004, 11:10
by Dragon-of-Rune
I forgot that the first time i used the dds plugin. To put the dll's in the right folder. I forgot to unzip them :shock: I was to happy that i could edit the vinyls that i forgot all about the dll's :D

:twisted: Dragon-of-Rune :twisted:

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2004, 07:53
by i_sonic
thanks dude! i can finally open the files right now, i should get started on editing the files right and maybe post some of my works then.... see ya!! ::

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2004, 11:33
by heavyarmor
i dont know how to use it.
i just dont understand the instructions

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2004, 15:45
by Dragon-of-Rune
Maybe you can add someone out of your own country to your msn list so he can explain it to you step by step. I am helping a guy from my own country two with msn and it really helps him. So maybe it wil help for you two and if you are from the netherlands just add me to your msn list so i can explain it to you.

:twisted: Dragon-of-Rune :twisted:

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2004, 20:56
ok this may sound stupid but do they work online.

i personally dont think they will but i just thought id ask.

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2004, 21:21
by UrQuattro
a custom vinyl will be visible only to those who have it installed under the same name on their computers. Otherwise, others will see the EA version of that vinyl.

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2004, 18:07
by XcoldstarX
can anyone tell me the id number for the stuff vinyl, rose vinyl and tiger vinyl for nissan skyline

Wrong colors in my vinyles

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2004, 12:38
by Duracuir
Hello !

I use psp7 to create my vinyles in 256 colors (DDS ARGB)
When i use my vinyles in nfs, they are blue.

And when i open an original vinyle in psp7 (ex: the SKYLINE_CUSTOM1), the colors are different from the game.

Do i modify the dds properties when i save it to keep the real colors ?

Thank you

Vinyles in blue

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2004, 14:42
by Duracuir
I found why my vinyles are blue but not yet how avoid this.

Vinyles are blue because the red and blue value are inverted (RGB corrspond to BGR).
When i replace the blue and red values in psp7 (with my hands so it is verry long), the picture is blue in psp but in nfs its ok.

Someone know this problem and can help me ?

PostPosted: 29 Feb 2004, 15:47
by GT3x24x7
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PostPosted: 29 Feb 2004, 16:11
by TheStig
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PostPosted: 29 Feb 2004, 16:14
by GT3x24x7